electronic recycle symbol



Laser printers

LCD monitors

Cell Phones

Circuit boards


POS equipment

Networking gear

Telecom equipment

Hard drives

Medical equipment

Switches: Brocade, Cisco, Extreme, Foundry, McData, QLogic, 10GBE

Storage: NexSAN, Promise Technology, Infortrend, Xtore, Xyratex, Rackable Systems

SAN /NAS: EMC, HDS (Hitachi Data), NetApp, XP (HDS), Xiotech, Fujitsu, Isilon Systems, StoneFly Networks, ONStor, NEC, RELDATA, Pillar Data,

Fujitsu Prime power, Emc, Hitachi, Stk, Net App,

Channel Banks, CO Equipment, Call Pilot, Comdial, Comkey, Centrex, CBX 500, GX 500, CSU, Central Office, Cajun, Cisco, Coral, DS, DMS, DSX Panels, Definity, Digium, Dialogic, Data Networking, Ericsson,  ESI, Extreme Fiber, Foundry, Four- line phones, Freedom Phones, Fujitsu, Gateways, GLX, Gateway, GTE, Headsets, Hitachi, ICS, ISDN, Iwatsu, ITT, ISP, IDS, Isotec, ,Norstar, Northcom, Nokia, Optical, Octel, Onyx, Optera, PBX, PSAX, Prologix, Polycom, Predictive Dialers, Panasonic, Panther, Partner,.Plantronics, Prostar, Premier, Plexus, Rolm,  Rectifiers, Riverstone, Routers,Switches, Switching, Spirent, Samsung, Southwestern Belle, Smart Equipment, TNT, Tadiran Teleco, Trango, Telica, Telrad, Tellabs, Transmission, VMX,  VertiCall,  Vodavi, Voice boards, VOIP, Western Electric, Win, WaveRider, Wireless, and others.

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